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EVERLIGHT infrared receiver IRM-56384 internal structure schematic

The internal structure of the EVERLIGHT infrared receiver IRM-56384 is as followsReceiver schematic1. After the receiving head rec...

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3mm red LED 204HD-E parallel tips

Everlight optoelectronic components: photosensitive tube, launch tube, receiving tube, receiving transistor, receiving head, doubl...

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Evlight is the EVERLIGHT photoelectric element of professional sales units, EVERLIGHT is global ranked fifth & China (including Taiwan) number 1 photoelectric components manufacturer, the products are complete, quality won wide Japan, Korea, Europe, America etc world major affirmation.EVERLIGHT optoelectronics products::Ambit Light Sensor、RGB Color Sensor、Infrared LED Lamp、Opto-phototansistor & Photodiode、IR Remote Control Receiver Module、Photo Coupler、Opto Interrupter、Side Look IR LED & Side Look Phototransistor、General plugin LED and SMD LED (divided into: Frame Type org...


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EVERLIGHT Quality Policy

EVERLIGHTQuality policyThe company is a professional LED manufacturer. Only by satisfying the needs of customers can we obtain long-term and stable orders from customers. Therefore, we have set the following quality policies as the direction for all employees of the company: Quality policyEstablish a green supply chain...

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